The Individuals behind The Grand Bargain project

Meet the core team

Our core team comprises a diverse group of dedicated professionals, each a leader in their respective field. United by a common goal to reshape America's future, they bring unparalleled expertise and passion to the Grand Bargain Project. From seasoned policy experts and influential advocates to strategic thinkers and grassroots organizers, our team is committed to fostering collaboration and driving substantial change across key societal issues. Together, they embody our mission to empower communities and strengthen democracy through innovative, consensus-driven solutions

Founder & CEO

Sol Erdman

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Managing Director

Travis Robinson

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Senior Advisor

David Fairman

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Senior Advisor

Richard Eidlin

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Senior Advisor, Special Projects

Paul Kramer

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Relationship Manager

Khiteriara Brown

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Senior Advisor

Malka R. Kopell

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Policy expert team

Eric Hanushek. Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution (Stanford), specializing in economic analysis of educational issues. Won the Yidan Prize for research.

Bill Hoagland.
Senior Vice President, Bipartisan Policy Center. Former Director of the Senate Budget Committee. Participated in major federal budget negotiations throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin.
Founder and President, American Action Forum. Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Former senior economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Glenn Hubbard.
President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Government. Specializes in budget, tax, and economic policies. Serves as a consistent resource on Capitol Hill and international media outlets.

Maya MacGuineas.
President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Government. Specializes in budget, tax, and economic policies. Serves as a consistent resource on Capitol Hill and international media outlets.

Richard V. Reeves.
Senior Fellow, Brookings. Specializes in economic studies. Former European Business Speaker of the Year. Former principal policy advisor to the Minister of Welfare Reform in Great Britain.

Robert Reischauer.
President Emeritus, Urban Institute. Former director of the Congressional Budget Office. Former trustee of Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.

Gerard Robinson.
Fellow of Practice, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture (UVA). Former Secretary of Education in Virginia. Former Commissioner of Education in Florida.

Isabel Sawhill (Team Co-Leader).
Senior Fellow and former Director of Economic Studies at Brookings. Former Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach.
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern. Former Director of the Hamilton Project at Brookings. Scholar at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Richard Schmalensee.
Former Dean of Sloan School of Management, MIT. Former Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Former member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

Eugene Steuerle.
Fellow, Urban Institute. Former Deputy Secretary for Treasury. Co-founder and former President of National Tax Association. One of the chief architects of the 1986 Tax Reform Act.

Michael Strain (Team Co-Leader).
Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute. Member of Aspen Economic Strategy Group. Research fellow at Germany’s IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

Board of advisors

Lawrence Susskind. Senior fellow, Hoover Institution; founding co-editor, Journal of Democracy.

Larry Diamond.
Senior fellow, Hoover Institution; founding co-editor, Journal of Democracy.

Francis Fukuyama.
Professor, Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law.

John Steiner.
Co-founder of the Bridge Alliance and the Social Venture Network.

Margo King.
Collaborator, Threshold Foundation, Integral Institute, Mediators Foundation.

Jerry Taylor.
Co-founder and former president of the Niskanen Center.

Eugene Steuerle.
Richard Fischer chair at the Urban Institute; co-founder, Tax Policy Center.

Hahrie Han. Inaugural director, SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Barry Anderson. Former acting director, Congressional Budget Office.

Nealin Parker.
Executive director, Common Ground USA.

Francis Johnson.
President, Take Back Our Republic.

Charles Wheelan.
Founder and co-chair, Unite America.

Kelly Johnston.
Former Secretary of the U.S. Senate.

Adi Ignatius. Editor, Harvard Business Review.

Thomas Kahn.
Distinguished fellow, Center for Congressional & Presidential Studies, American University.

Jake Harriman.
Founder and CEO, More Perfect Union.

Uriel Ephstein.
Executive director, Renew Democracy Initiative.

David Levine.
President and co-founder, American Sustainable Business Council.

Brandon Arnold. Executive vice president, National Taxpayers Union.

John Passacantando.
Former executive director, Greenpeace.

William Cyrus Garrett.
Senior policy advisor, America Achieves.

Rob Richie.
Founder and president, FairVote.

Larry Spears.
Co-founder, Policy Consensus Initiative.

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